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One Small Step for Brand, One Giant Step for Brand Kind.

M ost businesses know a lot about their product or service–it’s why they’re in business in the first place.

But when it comes to marketing, the sheer amount of options is overwhelming.

Is it targeted ads across multiple platforms? Optimizing our brand’s SEO? Content strategies or email marketing? Should you hire someone to build your website or just play around with a drag-and-drop builder?

Can we just find a millennial who will post to Facebook for us?

We get it. In fact, those questions carry even more weight for your business when you start tracking your return on investment.

What if we spend our entire marketing budget on a website we don’t even like?

After working with so many small businesses, mid-market companies, and nonprofits, we’ve discovered a surprising, unnerving truth: most marketing is a waste of money.

Too often, money is wasted on marketing that fails to lead to growth, and we’re tired of seeing great organizations sabotaged by outdated and confusing strategies that produce zero results.

So, we thought that was the perfect reason to start a marketing agency. We work with businesses who don’t know where to start with their marketing, and we give them a clear 3-step plan to grow their business:

Every project begins with discovering and clarifying your brand’s message and visual identity so your customers understand what you do and how you benefit them. Then we identify the best marketing strategy for your brand and start activating customers right away. Lastly, we help you create loyal relationships with your customers so they continue to engage with your business.

We love seeing businesses who do remarkable work in their community grow because they have a clear path to marketing success. And all this got us thinking… what if our logo reflected that?

Crown Jewel’s previous logo, featuring the Crown.

Our existing logo was great. It said our name clearly, used a popular font, and had a fun icon that could be used in creative ways. The colors and name remind us of our history, too.

In high school, our founder, Justin, was told that his class would be the “crown jewel” of his city, and it inspired him to dream big about the impact he could make. The colors even come from Justin’s high school’s colors where he first started taking clients for video work.

Over the course of the next decade, Crown Jewel would grow from a passion project with a closet for an office, to a full-on marketing agency with a team of creatives who serve clients across the country.

Today, our mission is to empower difference-makers to change people’s lives. We do this by connecting the right people to the right organizations with great marketing.

But aren’t there thousands of freelancers on the internet who can do the same thing?

Actually, no, and here’s why: at Crown Jewel, we don’t just produce marketing collateral, we think holistically on behalf of our clients.

We simplify their marketing strategy, lay a strong foundation for growth, and create the best marketing for their business.

It’s a clear path in a world of confusing options.

So we started to think… what if our brand’s design reflected our secret sauce?

Brainstorming requires lots of ideas, sketching, and word-associations.

As we started brainstorming, we knew it would have something to do with maps or a journey. We considered mountains, flags, paths, and several other images. And then we looked up.

Construction of a constellation.

Stars and constellations are the perfect visual metaphor for several reasons. The night sky feels like wonder, possibilities, ideas, creativity, and people have been navigating using them for thousands of years.

With that, because this was such a new direction for us visually, we looked at ways to bring continuity with the old. We explored color palettes that took our purple and gold and evolved them to feel bright, fresh, and creative.

The old colors (left) compared to our fresh, new color palette (right).

Lastly, we knew that ultimate clarity would come from adding the word “marketing” to our logo. That way when people see our logo without any other contextual clues, they can see what we do.

With all of that in mind, and after several rounds of various designs, we found a new design direction that we love, and we think you will, too.

Ahem. Drumroll please…

Introducing… Crown Jewel’s new logo!

Our new logo includes a fresh, creative-plus-professional font, our evolved colors, the word “marketing,” and an all-new logo mark. We call it The Wayfinder. It’s the constellation that guides its followers on a clear path.

Our new logo mark, The Wayfinder.

At the end of the day, this new logo and brand design direction captures the essence of who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow.

We’ll have all sorts of new things coming along with this, including this all-new website launching today!

If you are a client, thank you for the incredible work you do in empowering the people you serve. We’re looking forward to what we’ll build together next.

This is the new look of Crown Jewel Marketing.